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Offer a branch-like customer experience anytime, across all channels

With, you can introduce customers to your financial services, onboard them, and send transaction updates over instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger.

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Happy customer being reached on her preferred chat platform

Make your customers feel heard

Ensure your brand is always available to your customers on the channels they prefer—website, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, or LINE.

Happy customer gets a payment update via chat message

Expand your team with conversational bots

Start leveraging popular messaging apps for your business. Conversational bots can manage incoming customer inquiries for new financial services, send payment reminders, and more.

Customer seeking personal financial advice from real person via chat

Offer personalised financial advice

Connect your relationship managers and financial advisors with premium and high-net-worth clients and make them feel special.

A chat agent processing applications based on chat responses

Process applications over chat

Take the monotony out of the application process by guiding customers through questions and collecting their responses through popular messaging apps.

Fin tech customer enjoying customer info charts

Take KYC to the next level

Get rich insights into your customers through their past interactions, subscriptions, and transaction details so you can create highly-targeted customer marketing campaigns.

Never worry about syncing it all

Keep your catalogue, orders, shipping, payment information, and customer data secure, integrated, and updated at all times, across your enterprise-wide systems.
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