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Go from Slack to live video chat in seconds

Enable your Slack users to create unique video meetings directly from your workspace.


Vonage makes it easy to create a live video meeting by generating a unique browser link in any Slack channel. After you’ve added this app to Slack, get started by configuring with your API key and secret or sign up for a free trial to acquire your credentials.

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One command configures and generates meetings

The /vonage command enables you to configure the app and allows your workspace users to generate links for Vonage-hosted video meetings. The /vonage commands include:


/vonage config <apikey> <secret> 

Set the OpenTok Project API key and secret. If the workspace already has the app configured, it will be overwritten with new credentials.


/vonage config 

Display the current Project API key. The response is visible only for the user who types the command.



Create a new meeting. The meeting link will be posted in the channel where the user types the command.


/vonage remove 

Remove the current Vonage Project API Key and secret.


Customise your video meetings to your business

The default video meeting web experience is a simple starting point. You can easily implement your own branded and full-featured video conferencing application using the Vonage Video SDKs. View the developer docs.
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