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Verint Workforce Management (WFM)

Elevate your customer experience with easy, effective workforce management 


Combine Vonage Contact Center and Verint® Monet or Enterprise Workforce ManagementTM (WFM) to take positive steps towards balancing the cost vs. service dilemma using the most accurate data source possible: your own contact centre data. 


Your agents are the most valuable resource you have, not only because they are highly skilled and adept at dealing with customer contacts, but also because they can account for up to 70% of a contact centre’s cost. 

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Solving the Cost Control vs Service Level Dilemma


Workforce Management (WFM) solutions relay the data you have available and use it to improve the accuracy of your forecasts and create schedules that are just right for your organisation and service level goals. Traditionally, WFM solutions meant large upfront costs and ongoing maintenance, but now there’s a better option. 


Vonage Contact Center for Salesforce and Verint’s cloud-based workforce management solution work together to remove the upfront costs and burden on IT resources, all while making the implementation and everyday use far simpler for you. 


With Verint’s WFM solution for contact centres and help desks, you can use your historical activity and apply it to the future. Verint WFM analyses omnichannel data from both your contact centre infrastructure and Salesforce to create accurate forecasts, which are used to develop effective call centre schedules, so you will always have the optimum number of agents to meet your SLA. With intraday tracking of trends, you can immediately adjust your schedules to meet your changing needs or respond to the unexpected.



  • Forecasting – Automated omnichannel forecasting (phone, case, email and chat) with agent requirements for desired timeframes in the future.
  • Scheduling – Generate optimal staffing schedules that take into account agent availability, work rules, skills, holidays, breaks and service levels. 
  • Intraday management – Track your contact centre operation in real time, compare it to your original forecast and easily modify agent requirements/staffing needs. 
  • Performance management – Align your people, processes and systems to your goals and objectives, and transform your contact centre performance from a reactive to a proactive approach. 
  • Exception planning – Simplify scheduling of agent exceptions such as holiday using the integrated exception calendar. 
  • Real-time adherence – Compare planned agent activity to actual activity throughout the day, making sure your agents are adhering to their schedules. 



  • Optimise omnichannel support – Fuse contact centre infrastructure voice channel with Salesforce digital channels to optimise omnichannel support. 
  • Improve forecasting and staffing requirements – Use your historical contact centre data to create accurate forecasts and optimal agent schedules.
  • Resource to meet your service level goals – Provide the right number of agents, with the right skills to handle predicted call volumes to achieve designed SLAs. 
  • Take action in real time – Use real-time agent adherence statistics to manage your teams as effectively as possible, giving you the best opportunity to meet service levels. 
  • A single vendor advantage – There’s also the added benefit of purchasing a complete solution from a single vendor – easier purchasing, simpler supplier management and support model. 
  • Start anywhere – Whether your business is just starting to mature beyond the capabilities of a spreadsheet, or whether you are a large global company with multiple locations and sophisticated needs in customer engagement, Verint can deliver the solution that suits your needs. Through Verint, you now have the ability to start anywhere with our solutions and we will grow with you and your evolving business needs.