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Salesforce Essentials

Bring sales and support teams together into one app. Salesforce Essentials brings all customer data and communications into a single app. By automating tedious tasks such as logging emails, calls and meetings, Essentials allows you to spend more time with your prospects and customers. When your customers need support, you can manage and respond quickly across email, phone, webchat and social media, directly from Essentials.

By requesting this app, a note will be sent to your VBC Administrator for approval. Once approved, the app will appear on your VBC Desktop and Mobile App. All pricing is displayed in USD. Admins will view pricing in local currency by region.

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Organise all customer data and track sales from the first call in one place while enjoying comfortable visualisation of all your key business metrics with real-time reports and dashboards.


  • Automatically log emails, calls and meetings
  • Support customers across phone, webchat, social media and email within a single app
  • Easy setup and instant chat in the app