4 Reasons Month-to-Month Service Contracts Works

It’s often a moment of surprised silence or an inquisitive “Really?” These are typical reactions when we tell prospective customers about our “month-to-month service contracts” policy when they select our cloud-based business phone system.

Especially for businesses switching from traditional phone providers – where expensive, lengthy contracts are the norm – business phone service without a binding contract does sound liberating.

But contracts aside for a moment, today’s businesses are actively comparing their legacy phone providers to hosted business VoIP phone services. And they’re discovering exactly why the future of business telephony is in the cloud.

For Vonage Business customers, our revolutionary business phone system offers a business-enabling competitive advantage – with many capabilities that traditional systems simply cannot support. While our low-term-contract approach gets a lot of attention, we offer it because we believe in our solution’s ability to empower and transform growth-minded businesses.

In fact, here are four clear reasons – or, customer benefits, if you will – that permit us to stand proudly behind our “month-to-month service contracts” policy:

(1) Savings

Customers can save on average 36% on their phone bill* when they switch from their traditional phone service carrier. There are also no setup fees or activation fees associated with our service. Plus, with Vonage Business, our customers enjoy low international long distance rates.

(2) Feature Set

Our business phone system provides among the most powerful business phone features in the marketplace, including Virtual Receptionist, Mobile Apps, Dynamic Caller ID, Desktop Plugins, Call Queues and many more. Our product development teams constantly refine features and introduce new ones, which are seamlessly migrated onto the system.

(3) Service Reliability

We focus on business continuity for our customers, and our system’s uptime reliability and performance are key strengths that instill customer confidence. In the event of emergencies such as power outages or loss of internet, our system can automatically re-route calls to avoid downtime. We also run multiple, redundant data centers across the country with the systems and protocols that consistently produce high levels of uptime.

(4) Support

From the moment of becoming a Vonage Business customer, our seasoned support teams are there to assure the experience is as productive as possible. We provide live new customer orientation sessions and Admin Portal training, and our online support resources are comprehensive and accessible any time. Our objective is to help our business customers succeed, compete and grow – and we think they deserve this level of ongoing support.

Customer access to a better business phone system should be easy. And our solution lives up to this standard. The system is easy to activate, porting of existing numbers is a simple process, and customers can leave behind that closetful of equipment required by their legacy phone provider. What’s more, they also leave behind the requirement of a lengthy contract.

Experience shows us that the way to keep customers is to: (1) deliver a superior business phone system at a great value, and (2) provide world-class service. We strive to deliver on these promises every day.

Learn more and compare traditional phone service to cloud-hosted service in our "Inside the Business VoIP Revolution" eBook.


*Savings claim is based on the average monthly recurring charge for unlimited domestic business calling plans from the top three leading wireline service providers. Comparison excludes promotional pricing, fees, surcharges or taxes and assumes a customer already has broadband service. Check your phone bill to determine the savings that would apply to you.

Dave Morris
Dave Morris Contributor

Dave is a content strategist and writer at Vonage Business Solutions, working with teams across the company to build communication programs that enable our customers and assist our prospects. He enjoys living in Atlanta and is an avid gardener, restaurant enthusiast and live music fan.

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