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Cutting Big Costs: SMBs Deploy UCaaS to Outsave Competitors

This article was published on March 25, 2022

There are lots of cloud-based solutions a small or medium-sized business (SMB) could skip to make its dollar go further. But the right unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solution isn’t one of them.

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The right UCaaS gives the SMB continuous, automatic feature upgrades and enhancements — updates so efficient and unobtrusive, they happen without the business even knowing. 

None of the downtime competitors are wishing upon the SMB. No need for technician visits for regular maintenance.

How Does It Do That?

The right UCaaS solution pushes all infrastructure and complexity into the cloud, relieving the SMB’s IT manager of repetitive maintenance tasks. Tasks that would distract them from strategic initiatives that drive real value to the business.

The right UCaaS solution is, simply, the best way for an SMB to ensure the maximum effectiveness of its IT resources. And one of the best ways to ensure the SMB’s competitiveness in their market.

It boasts a five-year total cost of ownership that’s typically 30-40% lower than an on-premises PBX, according to ZK Research. That’s after the endless hardware costs, the associated cooling and space costs, the challenge of application integration, and, again, the demand for IT support are all factored in.

What Kind of Assurances Does It Give?

The right UCaaS solution offers a 99.999% uptime SLA to assure the SMB that if opportunities are lost due to the solution itself — to competitors or otherwise — the provider will take some responsibility.

It’s design is so well conceived — with individual point products like video meetings, team messaging, visual voicemail, and many others all residing on a single, easy-to-administer cloud stack — the SMB never has to establish relationships with multiple product providers.

In the point-product approach? Each user needs a profile set up on each system, meaning the SMB’s IT manager has to oversee multiple accounts for every team member instead of, again, devoting attention to more strategic work.

Like beating the competition.

Good UCaaS Providers Don’t Think Solely in Terms of Cool Features and Crackle-free Calls

They take a more sophisticated view of their product, laser-focused on saving the SMB a bundle on its business communications.

Heck, maybe even a lot more than a bundle.

You might’ve noticed a theme here. A pretty clear one.

The Right UCaaS Solution Pointedly Strives to Empower the SMB ...

… to reinvest their savings where they need it most.

Savings, for example, that can be used for hiring business development managers and pitching to new clientele.

Savings that on rainy days can help the SMB make payroll and avoid downsizing and brain drain. Avoid losing to competitors all the talented team members the SMB has invested so much in.

Ask any SMB owner and they’ll tell you: New ways to outsave the competition are as hard to come by as a must-have cloud-based solution that makes a dollar go further.

But when the SMB actually finds one, the value to their competitiveness can't be overstated.

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