Did You Know? Easily Export Your Company Summary as a PDF

Did you know that within Vocalocity's Call Reporting and Analytics you can export your company summary as a viewable PDF?

Managing your company’s performance and employee call volume can be difficult! Having a useful tool like Vocalocity’s Call Reporting and Analytics is a game changer. Reports provide the data and insight needed to improve your business, while call logs and daily summaries can sort individual reports by total calls, average talk time, total talk time, total unanswered calls or the percentage of unanswered calls.

To further your grasp on recording employee performance within the Company Summary view, Vocalocity has created an option to export your reports to a viewable document in PDF format.

Export Your Company Summary as a PDF

  1. Log in to your account at http://my.vonagebusiness.com.
  2. Next, click the “Reports” icon at the top of the page.
  3. The “Company Summary” page will populate with an analytics snapshot and graphical representation for the date you have chosen from the “Viewing Data From” drop down menu. By default, it presents activity for the current day.
  4. Beneath the “Viewing Data From” drop down menu you will find the options to export, email or print your company summary.
  5. Click “Export” and choose the option “Save as .pdf.”
  6. A window will pop up asking if you would like to either open or save the file. To view the PDF right away click the radio button next to “Open” then click “OK.”
  7. Your company summary PDF will open. Here you can save the file for records, print a hard copy, or email the summary to your employees.

The Company Summary page has many valuable resources and data to manage your staff. Exporting information is even available at the full report level and within call logs. Other formats of exporting include a .CSV file that can be opened in Excel.

Aaron Charlesworth
Aaron Charlesworth Contributor

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