Using Salesforce CTI to Connect Customer Data to the Sales and Service Experience

Our perceptions and expectations of all service-related interactions are guided by our practises in the digital world. Website cookies and login / member-style experiences have left us expecting personalised content and to be treated as an individual.

The disconnect between data and the experience

It isn’t too much to ask for, is it? Why shouldn’t an organisation that we have done business with in the past recognise us? After all, we always give information over when making a purchase, particularly at a business level.

Order forms are full of rich data fields that could all be used as unique identifiers: email address, mobile phone number, date of birth, postcode even. Any business running a half-way decent customer relationship management program will collect this data. So why are we still not experiencing the level of personalisation we experience elsewhere these days?

A very similar logic applies to the sales experience. With so much data available through the internet and other sources, why are so many sales approaches delivered as an untargeted blast? Is there anything more infuriating than being contacted regarding a product or solution which has nothing to do with you or your department?

Connecting data to the conversation

The truth is that it really doesn’t have to be this way. The technology exists to connect everything that you know about your customers and prospects to every conversation that you have with them.

Picture an inbound service operation that already knew who was calling and the reason for the call before the agent picked up the phone. Or an inside sales team that was able to tailor conversations and have targeted discussions around key areas of interest with prospects.

This is entirely possible today.

Connecting your rich customer data to your customer communications platform is the next logical step when it comes to consolidating and streamlining operations. The great news is that this brings with it a huge amount of benefits and advantages.

How do you connect the two systems?

 Great question.

Salesforce CTI is bridging the gap between data and communications and is delivering some game changing benefits for businesses of all sizes.

It is giving organisations the change to be more efficient and productive and it is giving management teams the level of insight they have been craving across their sales and service departments.

The combined effect of these changes is helping them realise new growth figures that are outpacing their competition by as much as 8 times their industry average. How is it doing this?

We have put together a complete guide for exactly what Salesforce CTI is, what it does, how to implement it and even how to validate potential suppliers of the technology. In the first of our ultimate guides, discover Salesforce CTI and the considerable advantages that come from implementing the technology.
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