Vocalocity Desktop and Telecommuting

On Day Three of Telework Week, we're going to chat about how Vocalocity Desktop can help you stay connected from your desk at work or your laptop at home.

Wonder why our Vocalocity Desktop won INTERNET TELEPHONY’s Product of the Year award in 2011? Well, it’s our most multi-tasking feature to date, it helps you get so much more done in less time, and it gives you unprecedented visibility into your caller with each incoming phone call. But if you’re thinking about teleworking and switching between your desktop and laptop, how can Vocalocity Desktop benefit you?

One of the great features about Vocalocity Desktop is that it’s customized to your individual log-in and can be installed on any computer. We’ve made the basic platform FREE for all Vocalocity customers, so all you need to do is take a few moments to download the application and then sign in using your Vocalocity account information.

Vocalocity Desktop automatically synchs with your phone extension, meaning that with each incoming call – whether you’ve got your phone set to ring your desk phone, cell phone, or home-office phone – the Desktop app will pull information from your default plugin no matter where you are!

Let’s see how this works. So, I’m working from home today and I’ve installed Desktop on my laptop. I’ve also set my cell phone to call forward, so it’ll ring with each incoming business call since I’m not at the office.

  1. I have my Vocalocity Desktop set to open to Outlook with each incoming call, but you can customize Desktop to open any of our available plugins.
  2. When I receive a business call on my Vocalocity Mobile app, Desktop automatically pulls up the caller’s information from Outlook! I take regular notes about my calls in MS Outlook so I can stay up to date about my conversations no matter where I am.

To learn more about Vocalocity Desktop or its supported plugins, visit the product page or call 1-877-862-2562.

Written by Vonage Staff

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