What’s New in the NewVoiceMedia Spring ‘19 Release

Since the NewVoiceMedia contact center software is so tightly integrated with Salesforce, our release rhythm mirrors that of Salesforce – Spring, Summer and Winter. This is of great benefit to customers, who are always getting ‘the best of both worlds’ at the same time.

For NewVoiceMedia’s Spring ‘19 Release, there are three main categories where improvements have been made:

Digital Transformation

Many of NewVoiceMedia’s customer and prospects are embarking on digital transformation projects, which in Gartner’s words is “the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities”. We find this is particularly prevalent across our main focus areas of Sales, Service or both.

For instance, an inside sales team will be looking for ways to improve their salespeople’s efficiency by making more calls faster, having the right information at their fingertips and being connected with the right customers. Another key issue for sales leaders is the speed with which they can ramp new starters – how can they accelerate the process of building an army of top performers?

In the contact center, digitization is also top of mind with customers expecting a journey where they communicate via the channel of their choice in a completely joined up way – e.g. start on a social media page, interact with a chatbot, move to a live chat, then maybe a phone call, some information via email and confirmation of their status by text message. All these interactions need to be seamless and automatically tracked so that an agent speaking with the customer has the full history on their screen.

All of the above is already possible with NewVoiceMedia and Salesforce, and many of our customers are enjoying the revenue upsides of delivering exceptional customer and agent experiences. An improvement we’re making this Spring Release is to enhance the experience for customers with more complex setups, who have agents working different shifts handling a multitude of interactions through Salesforce as well as voice calls. With ‘Revert to Last Status’, an agent might be working on webchats and calls during their morning shift, with different agents handling email cases. The agent can now make themselves ‘Ready for chat’, handle a phone call which changes their status to busy and stops further chats being delivered, then automatically revert to ‘Ready for chat’ when the call has finished. A seemingly small enhancement which makes the world of difference to the running of a successful contact center, ensuring that NewVoiceMedia stays at the forefront of delivering the best Salesforce integration.


The NewVoiceMedia solution is becoming increasingly popular in larger Enterprise customers, who typically have more challenging requirements due to their scale and internal sophistication. As a result, there are a range of new features in Spring Release which makes it easier for these organizations to enjoy enhanced user experiences. For instance, the solution now has full support for automatically dialling and logging phone numbers with extensions, notes can be automatically written to task comments, agents receiving a voicemail will be automatically notified by email, incoming calls can be more equally shared amongst the sales team and agents can update a consult list to indicate if they are available to consult on a call or have it transferred to them.

Several user administration enhancements have also been made, such as improvements to skills, groups and schedule management, easy deletion of obsolete skills and efficiency gains for supervisors through better permissions management. The Salesforce Lightning parity feature ensures completely frictionless moving from Salesforce Classic to Lightning for NewVoiceMedia customers, including new wizard-based set-up flows. Soft Phone users will also be able to move all their soft phone controls to a second screen with a single click, keeping the main screen completely clear for CRM information. Lastly, with NewVoiceMedia having been acquired by Vonage in 2018, contact center agents who also have Vonage Business Cloud will be able to log into both systems with a single set of credentials.

Analytics and Emotive

To deliver amazing CX (customer experience) requires a combination effectiveness (delivering value to the customer), making it easy for the customer and focussing on emotion to make the customer feel good about the experience. NewVoiceMedia works with customers to ensure each of these three areas are optimized, however it is the emotion part which is often the most challenging and can tend to be overlooked.

NewVoiceMedia’s Spring '19 Release continues the journey of delivering on the emotion part of the equation. Dashboards have been enhanced to give managers unprecedented visibility into call queues, allowing them to hone straight into sub-optimal performance levels and how to improve them. Customers using NewVoiceMedia’s API gateway will enjoy a new administration user interface along with even better stability. WFM (Workforce Management) partners will get detailed agent summaries with 15-minute aggregations to further improve agent scorecards. Conversation Analyzer, NewVoiceMedia’s automated speech analytics solution, will include the ability to skip short calls that don’t require intensive analysis (e.g. returned voicemails, questions with short answers), rules administration has been made easier and a custom dictionary can be created to deliver improved analysis that is specific to the organization.

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Tim Kimber

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