G Suite Integration

The Vonage® for G Suite integration lets you seamlessly connect your business phone system to your key productivity tools in the G Suite platform. G Suite integration weave your Gmail®, Google® Contacts, Hangouts, Calendar and Tasks together to maximise your day to day business operations.

Google Apps Interface


G Suite Integration works with desktop and mobile devices.


G Suite Integration does not require client-side installation.


G Suite Integrations delivers an impressive ROI.
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Cloud-powerful capabilities

Vonage integrations are built from the network up, providing reliability, fewer delays and enhanced quality of service for your G Suite tasks.
  • Initiate calls easily from Gmail, Google Contacts and Google Hangouts or any browser window with click-to-dial.
  • Run detailed reports on your company’s voice activities with just a click of a button.
  • Identify phone numbers associated with your Google® contacts automatically, add new contacts to your Google account quickly and add missing information to your contact database.
  • Incoming screen pops that display caller details from your Google Contacts and quickly access call activity noting window.
  • Schedule and manage video and audio meetings easily on your Google Calendar with integrated Vonage Conferencing and collaboration tools.
  • Easily schedule follow-up actions in Google Tasks or Google Calendar.
  • Log all of your inbound and outbound calls automatically. Label and associate calls in Gmail with a Google contact, date and time, duration and add notes.
  • Use your Vonage Business phone number for calls from Google Hangouts.
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Getting started for VBC customers

Want to add integrations to your VBC platform? Look no further.
  • The Vonage® for G Suite™ integration requires a Google Chrome™ browser v25.0 or higher.
  • For access or questions, customers can contact the Vonage support team.
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