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We architect and build innovative solutions that enable strategic business change. Whether your organisation is looking to overcome the impediment of legacy systems that have grown unwieldy or difficult to support or to scale in response to a period of growth, or progress a cloud-based inside-out digital transformation strategy, we consult, advise and build bespoke solutions to scale.


We integrated the Vonage solution into a bespoke teaching platform built on Azure Kubernetes Services. The system was required to be elastic and robust and has proven to be straightforward to deploy after technical training. Video quality is excellent, supporting deprecation, and cross-browser and mobile environments with no client download required. This dramatically simplified the deployment.


Use Case


Vonage was trialled for Explore Learning and the excellent API tools facilitated integration into the Azure based teaching system.


Zoom and Teams were discounted because they couldn't be as easily embedded in the existing teaching web app and achieve the same contextual feel in the learning environment. Vonage video quality is impressive across all common browsers and low bandwidths supported, scaling down elegantly to audio-only if necessary. 


The browser-based integration allowed the tutoring ratios to be maintained online while mimicking the dynamic classroom environment and embedding into the existing applications. 22,000 users and 3000 tutors use the system across the UK and during the Covid-19 lockdown it allowed the teaching to.