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HIPAA Compliant SMS and Video

Vonage enables Healthcare organizations to deliver HIPAA-compliant solutions using SMS and Video to provide secure patient journeys across their preferred communication channels. 

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Secure your Healthcare Communications

Communications between patients and medical practitioners are central to today’s digital healthcare experiences. This includes video consultations, group discussion sessions, care and drug reminders, status notifications, critical alerts, and more. The Vonage Video API and SMS API allow these communications to be seamlessly embedded with healthcare applications.


Healthcare applications can securely use these Vonage APIs to deliver HIPAA-compliant applications. The Vonage platform implements security and data privacy best-practices. We conduct independent third-party audits to confirm our HIPAA compliant status, and confirm this through Business Associate Agreements (BAA) with Healthcare customers. Vonage has BAAs in place with our infrastructure and carrier providers that support our APIs.


Vonage services, especially our Enterprise Plan, provide you with the hands-on guidance, account management, and technical support to support the successful and secure delivery of Healthcare applications. This includes designated customer success managers, support engineers, and up-time SLAs.

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What is HIPAA?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was signed into law in 1996 as part of a larger healthcare reform in the United States. Part of the legislation is aimed at providing security and data privacy protections around access, use, and disclosure of protected health information (PHI).


By providing Video and SMS APIs used within healthcare applications, Vonage acts as a “Business Associate” to our customers, under the terms of the Act. Vonage signs Business Associate Agreements (BAA) to confirmthe implementation of required security, privacy and data breach related safeguards for the protection of PHI when these APIs are used appropriately. Our customers need to follow appropriate security and data privacy practices in their development to ensure that their final applications are HIPAA-compliant. HIPAA compliance is a shared responsibility between the customer and Vonage.

SMS Solutions for Healthcare

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Automated Appointment Experience

Manage appointment scheduling easily via mobile and send appointment check-in and pre- and post-visit text alerts, all via a secure text messaging channel.
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Patient Relationship Management

Show patients you care with convenient mobile prescription notices, medical reminders, and important follow-ups they won’t want to miss. And build trust using our secure two-factor authentication tool.

Emergency Readiness

During time-critical circumstances, you want to make sure your staff and patients are alerted on time. Stay prepared with a secure text message solution that makes sure your targeted and table stakes messages are sent straight to your audience’s mobile devices.
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Digital Health Surveys

Collect valuable patient feedback so you can continue to elevate their medical experience with your organization where it matters most.

Video Solutions for Healthcare

E-visits and Medical Consultations

Connect patients with physicians and therapists around the world quickly and securely through virtual office visits and live video, all within the context of your existing workflow.
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Behavioral and Mental Health

Allow health professionals to assess their patients remotely in real time and throughout their treatment—or bring like-minded people together for support group meetings—all from the comfort and privacy of home.
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Connected Devices

Enhance medical device capabilities with real-time communications. Keep physicians connected to their patients and each other, and allow them to securely share and explain health information or results in context.
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Wellness and Fitness

Give customers access to a certified personal trainer in their own home through live video. This makes it simple and convenient to stay healthy.

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Power your healthcare solutions across the globe with secure SMS and Video.

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