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Education Solutions

From video lectures to virtual classrooms to mobile tutoring, Vonage’s cloud-based communications help digital education platforms, learning institutions, and teachers meet the challenges of remote learning by staying connected and sharing knowledge, no matter where they are.

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Communications APIs

Reading, writing and APIs: creating a successful remote learning experience

With Vonage APIs, digital learning platforms are creating engaging purpose-built educational solutions that bring together video, along with text and voice, to offer safe and engaging learning experiences. 

  • Create  safe and video-rich learning environments on web and mobile, empowering instructors to continue educating seamlessly in rapidly changing circumstances.

  • Personalise student experiences using the right communication channels for each moment, all integrated seamlessly in your product experience.

  • Give your developer teams tools and resources to do their best work! Vonage Communication APIs (formerly TokBox and Nexmo) make it easy to embed high-quality interactive video, voice, messaging and screen sharing into web and mobile apps.

  • Host your app’s communications services on our dedicated Enterprise environment backed by uptime SLAs, and designated support and service managers who understand your industry.

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Unified Communications

Let’s shorten the learning curve for remote learning

The educational journey no longer begins and ends in the classroom. Instead, using cloud-based communications, it unfolds across many diverse channels and touchpoints, facilitating learning anywhere, anytime.

  • With our mobile communication and collaboration solutions, teachers and administrators can quickly and easily initiate conversations with colleagues, students and parents at home or on campus.

  • Reliable and effective remote learning has never been more important. Video lectures and mobile classrooms, classroom or team messaging, document sharing and integration to business applications like Krisp can improve the virtual classroom experience.

  • Our Smart Numbers Voice Broadcast capabilities let you easily alert students and staff of upcoming events or important announcements.

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Contact Centres

Raise your hand if you’re ready for a better contact center experience

Vonage Contact Center upgrades both the caller and agent experience for educational institutions. All calls (as well as contacts through other channels) can be dealt with effectively and professionally, limiting problems like dropped calls, long queue build-ups and more.

  • Tailored reports let administrators monitor and analyse call trends, staff productivity and how resources are used.

  • Use call recording capabilities to review conversations to make sure all of your agents are meeting the needs of students and parents, as well as to address any suspected abuse, disputes or fraudulent activity.

  • Guarantee contact center continuity by enabling quick transitions to remote locations or home offices in case of an emergency.

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Vonage Video API Connects Cambly Language Learners to Native Speakers

Cambly wanted to connect their users online and offer practice sessions with native English speakers through high quality video chat right in the browser.

Our education customers include:

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