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Step Up to 10DLC, The New Standard in A2P Messaging

If your business uses traditional long code numbers to reach large audiences or initiate application-to-person (A2P) conversations, you’ve suffered long enough. Those numbers were meant for person-to-person communications. Why use them for A2P? There’s a new SMS messaging standard in town! 10-Digit Long Code (10DLC) numbers are paving the way for a new generation of A2P sanctioned communications to US phone numbers, and they put businesses and consumers first.

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What is 10DLC ?

The new 10DLC standard is a sanctioned solution for A2P messaging that all major US carriers have adopted to deliver better customer experience along with business benefits such as brand accountability and more reliable deliverability.



Your messaging use cases are better with 10DLC

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Alerts & Notifications

Make sure your important messages are read on time. Use reliable 10DLC numbers for your time critical communications like account notices, appointment reminders and time-sensitive escalations.

Customer Support

Help your audience get their questions answered quickly and automate your account management communications. Registering your local number as a 10DLC allows you to engage and support your customers with a personal touch.
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Make sure your communication program is secure and protect your audience. Use 10DLC numbers for authentication and user verification or to send one-time passcodes securely.
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Marketing messages

10DLC numbers are sanctioned for A2P and mass messaging. Promote your product and services and target your marketing campaigns using this new trusted channel. More use cases

Get Started with 10DLC Now

Whether it’s your local business lines or your virtual lines, our experts can help you start registering your numbers’ brands and campaign use cases for 10DLC messaging to US phone numbers.
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10 reasons to step up to 10DLC

Icons of SMS, phone, online, email communications

1. Multiple use cases

Use 10DLC to send your important alerts, marketing messages, 2FA notifications and more when messaging US phone numbers. Learn more

2. Customise your 10DLC setup

Structure your brands, campaigns and numbers the way you want to when messaging your US audience.

3. Be more personal by texting with your business or local number

Texting with a local 10DLC number fosters trust and allows businesses to streamline their communications.
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4. Use your existing ten digit phone numbers

Businesses can send more messages by registering their existing phone number and won’t have to pay for an additional number to get 10DLC capabilities.

5. Higher message throughput

A2P sanctioned 10DLCs can send up to 30 messages per second. *Higher throughput can be requested for select use cases.
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6. Better deliverability

Because 10DLC numbers are registered directly with the carriers, A2P messages sent on these numbers are more likely going to reach the recipient.
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7. 10DLC numbers can be enabled for both SMS and voice

Don’t miss out on communications with your audience. Now your customers can easily text or call you on the same line.
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8. Quick setup

Starting your 10DLC program is quick! Register your brands and campaigns on our easy-to-use dashboard or use our 10DLC API (coming soon).
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9. Don’t risk being classified as spam

With 10DLC, each brand and campaign is assigned to a dedicated number which guarantees accountability at the carrier and network level.
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10. Higher SMS message volumes

10DLC numbers are sanctioned for A2P messaging and are capable of supporting higher message volumes.
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