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Engaging conversations with Automatic Speech Recognition

Give your customers the power of their own natural voice to deliver a superior voice experience.

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Enable Customer Self Service

Empower customers to handle low complexities through voice-enabled IVR systems and services.

Focus on Customer Service

With self service-enabled agents, have more time to tackle the complex inquiries and tasks, delivering superior customer service.

Simplified Deployment

Easily integrate and customise your speech recognition workflows using a single code source.
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Speech-Enabled IVR


  • Change stilted IVR experiences into dynamic conversations.

  • Make self service easy, with customers navigating IVR systems simply by using their voice.

  • Transform your IVR experience to deliver a superior customer experience with flexibility and choice built in.


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Order Submissions


  • Leverage speech recognition to execute orders in everyday language.

  • Give your order submission bot context to connect language variance and promote better accuracy.


  • No need to wait for a live person — give customers choice and the benefit of faster submission times simply using their own voice.

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Voice Authentication


  • Security doesn’t have to mean sacrificing customer experience.

  • Let customers choose how they authenticate—DTMF inputs or speech.

  • Using voice for authentication provides the benefit of delivery to both mobile and landline users.

Automatic speech recognition features


Support for over 120 languages and dialects. See full list


Add possible variants to answers and responses to improve recognition and keep the conversation feeling natural.

Barge in

Avoid talking over one another with speech prompts that cut off when the user starts talking.

Silence timeout

No need for awkward pauses — customise the wait time before the automated speech engine starts talking.

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Discover how speech recognition with Vonage can transform your customer experience.
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