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The Vonage contact center solution keeps your teams within Salesforce during each customer interaction. This means access to user-friendly features like click-to-dial, screen pops, automatic call logging and recording and more. These features elevate the contact centre agent experience — which ultimately creates a positive customer experience.
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Agent UX Features

Conduct omnichannel conversations within Salesforce through our embedded Contact Pad. Also, set availability across all channels, check queue activity and peek at peer presence.
Provide a screen pop of any Salesforce object to save time and effort and help deliver a personal response.
Make a call from any Salesforce object, including leads, contacts and cases. Or enjoy automated dialling through preview and automatic mode.
Track all activity, automatically, to maintain updated customer histories. This helps with training, QA and compliance.
Put your agents in control to place, transfer, park or start conference calls — and record and log activity into Salesforce.
Enjoy the full flexibility to work from home or another office. Users can also forward inbound callers to their mobile phones. This freedom greatly improves the call centre agent experience.
Notify your agents if they have been assigned a case by another agent or if Salesforce has created and assigned a new case to them.
Make or receive phone calls from within Salesforce with our embedded Contact Pad. Users can place, transfer, park or start conference calls.
Leave a voicemail without saying a word. As soon as agents hear the “leave a message” tone, they can drag and drop a pre-recorded voicemail and move to the next call.
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