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AI solves customer concerns fast

The Vonage contact center solution, with Salesforce chatbot integration, identifies a pause in the chatbot conversation and routes accordingly. AI monitors the customer queue with respect to long wait times — a red flag for any poor experience. Based on specific rules, the best available agent in the voice or chat channel joins the conversation.
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Chatbot to human voice

Add the personal service.
  • Route to the best available agent quickly
  • This helps add a personal response
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Dynamic omnichannel routing

Enjoy smart routing through chatbot integration with CRM.
  • Quickly leverage updated Salesforce data
  • Automatically route based on case owner, last agent contact, latest post-call survey and more
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Chatbot data review

Access records for continual improvement.
  • Log chatbot conversations automatically and chat detail records into Salesforce
  • Easily reference logs for Einstein AI or human analysis
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Prep your agents with appropriate call histories.
  • Agents receive a transcript of the chatbot conversation before accepting a call or live chat
  • Agents can prepare, save time and deliver a personal response
Happy customers become loyal customers
Learn how to integrate your phone, email, chat AI, SMS and social media channels for a full omnichannel experience that customers desire.
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