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Unlock hidden insights with Analytics

When your Vonage Contact Center, designed for Salesforce data, meets Analytics, the results are dramatic. Dive deeper into customer conversations with powerful and easy-to-use dashboards—and identify relevant conversations for best practice and compliance.

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Einstein AI and dashboard

Visualise the conversation.
  • Quickly reference dashboard for instant insights
  • Einstein Analytics helps visually segment and analyse customer conversations
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Assign transcripts and logs to the appropriate Salesforce object.
  • Conversation Analyzer transcribes and logs calls into Salesforce objects
  • Calls can be linked to contacts, cases and custom objects
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Gain insights through AI-powered customer engagement.
  • Instantly identify insights and trends
  • Easily assess your team’s compliance and product knowledge
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Call recordings

Learn from every call and continually improve.
  • Conversation Analyzer pairs call recordings with transcripts and metrics
  • Findings help agents better understand conversations
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