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Route LiveAgent into your contact centre

Route a LiveAgent chat — and other Salesforce channels — with your Vonage contact center solution using the same business logic. This seamless integration provides for more consistent customer experiences and boosts operational efficiency.
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LiveAgent chat features

LiveAgent chatbot integration provides a consistent experience across any channel. The additional outreach strengthens the customer focus and personal attention.
Consistently route customers across channels based on the latest information stored in Salesforce, including case owner, last agent contact, latest post-call survey, and more.
Salesforce users have only one place to set their availability and check peer presence, which improves total operational efficiency.
Before accepting a chat, agents receive a screen pop of any Salesforce object. This helps agents prepare, save time and deliver a personal response.
The Vonage Contact Center, designed for Salesforce can route a chatbot conversation to the best available agent in the voice or chat channel.
Easily include website chat buttons. All fields are fully customisable within Salesforce — this makes sure that chats get routed to the most appropriate agent.
Transitioning to an omnichannel contact centre?
Customers today are highly empowered and digitally savvy — and unforgiving when they receive poor customer service. Learn how an omnichannel operation can raise the customer experience.
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