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How UCaaS Benefits Channel Partners and Increases Revenue

This article was updated on July 16, 2021

Selling cloud communications shouldn't be hard. When business leaders truly understand the value of unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS), making the migration is almost a no-brainer. When enterprise decision-makers encounter the alphabet soup surrounding the technology, however, they are often overwhelmed by UCaaS.

Understanding these seven UCaaS benefits can help channel partners sell more technology and increase their revenue streams.

That's why Vonage's channel partners are so critical. You understand the tech and can break it down for your clients, providing a flexible, scalable solution that helps organizations digitally transform, grow their business, and better serve their customers. And if you can successfully communicate to enterprise leaders how UCaaS benefits their customers, you can get new, profitable revenue streams in the process.

7 UCaaS Benefits for Enterprise Customers

When it comes to selling the tech, knowing its value is essential. Here are some UCaaS benefits that are sure to impress your clients — and earn you more revenue.

1. Streamlined communications

Vonage Business offers high-quality UCaaS that integrates all of your clients' communication applications and services into a single communications platform. That includes voice, messaging, video, conferencing, contact centers, business apps, and even chat. Your clients' employees can access the platform from any internet-connected device, including their smartphones.

Clients who aren't ready to give up their landlines don't have to move their phone systems to the cloud. Vonage also offers session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking, a cost effective technology that lets businesses connect legacy phone systems to the Vonage Cloud quickly and affordably.

2. Scalability

Traditional phone systems don't make it easy for your clients' businesses to grow or shrink. Adding new users means adding new extensions, purchasing new equipment, and sending someone from IT to get new hires up and running. Downsizing means that your clients are stuck with extensions and unnecessary equipment.

With UCaaS, IT departments can add new users or even new business locations without having to worry about complicated and costly installations. And with pay-as-you-need pricing, your clients don't have to foot the bill for service they're not currently using.

3. Improved collaboration

At many large organizations, siloed departments and human latency create communication gaps that slow productivity, impede innovation, and frustrate both employees and customers. UCaaS helps bridge these gaps by making it easier than ever for employees across departments and locations to connect and collaborate. Your clients' employees can work from anywhere and from any device, and they can set status alerts to let colleagues know when they're unavailable.

The Vonage platform includes HD voice and video conferencing, as well as instant messaging, for up to 300 participants. So if one of your client's employees needs to ask a colleague a quick question, she doesn't have to wait around for the team member to check their email. And if two teams need to share information, better align their departments, or collaborate on a project, they can have face-to-face interactions, even if they're hundreds of miles apart.

4. Seamless integrations

UCaaS is a powerful business solution on its own, but it also integrates with other key cloud business technology, including CRM systems like Salesforce and NetSuite, collaboration solutions like G Suite and Office 365, recruiting tools like JobDiva and Bullhorn, productivity apps like Slack, and even industry-specific applications.

By connecting these systems to UCaaS, your clients also connect these systems' data and boost productivity for employees. For example, with CRM integration, employees can click to dial directly from CRM, automatically log calls in CRM, and view customer information from CRM inside the UCaaS platform.

UCaaS technology is constantly evolving, and Vonage is at the forefront of that innovation, enabling channel partners to meet all their clients' communication needs — now and in the future.

5. Omnichannel customer service

Using UCaaS, your clients can build omnichannel contact centers that support voice, video, chat, and whatever communication channels are yet to come. That means customers can communicate with your clients in whatever way is most convenient for them, which goes a long way toward creating a great customer experience.

With CRM integration, your clients' service reps see screen pops for incoming calls, so they can greet customers by name and easily access all the information they need to answer questions and provide support. Meanwhile, managers can record calls and pull detailed analytics in real time, which gives them insights into how to better train reps and improve the overall customer experience.

6. Better customer engagement

Thanks to Nexmo APIs, Vonage Business offers functionality that other UCaaS providers don't, including communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS). Leveraging developer-friendly APIs, CPaaS streamlines all the real-time communications features that customers use to reach a business — voice, video, SMS, social chat — and allows your clients to embed those features on their websites and social media pages. If a potential customer sees a Facebook post about an item they like, they can reach out to the business directly from the Facebook post with just one click.

Vonage also offers voicebot and chatbot APIs, marketing automation APIs, and a host of other features that make unified communications more personal and powerful than ever.

7. Cost savings

Unifying communications into a single solution means fewer vendors and thus fewer expenses. With Vonage Business Cloud, your clients could save an average of 36 percent compared to a traditional phone service, and a traditional phone service doesn't include all the other UCaaS benefits.

Because the solution is cloud-based, your clients don't have to pay for or maintain hardware. They also don't have to worry about hardware failures, which can be costly and can cause operational downtime.

UCaaS Benefits for Channel Partners

Vonage has much to offer businesses, and thus many opportunities for channel partners to expand their revenue while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. The Vonage Partner Network offers training opportunities, tools, and support, as well as a robust residual-selling model with benefits and incentives that increase with each tier.

UCaaS technology is constantly evolving, and Vonage is at the forefront of that innovation, enabling channel partners to meet all their clients' communication needs — now and in the future.

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