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Unified Communications and Collaboration: The Anxiety-Smashing Power of a Flexible Communications Platform

This article was published on March 25, 2022

Your business may be grappling with massive uncertainty, from the challenges associated with modernizing legacy infrastructure to the security risks linked to working from home. To manage this uncertainty — and diminish the anxiety that it induces — you must have as much flexibility as possible. Here's how you can conquer the chaos of moving to the cloud with a unified communications and collaboration platform that adapts to your circumstances.

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Tackle Cloud Migration With Flexibility

In today's age of rapid digital transformation, the only thing you can count on with any certainty is that what you need today will change tomorrow. If your business communications solution isn't flexible enough to support your future needs as well as your current ones, you're going to have a hard time competing and thriving. And since it's not always possible to know all of your requirements before your cloud migration kicks off, it's crucial to aim for maximum flexibility.

A unified communications and collaboration platform can help you master cloud migration by quickly adding capabilities and services to workflows as needed. You can begin by rolling out the essential communications channels — such as voice, video, and messaging — that your employees rely on to effectively collaborate with colleagues, whether they're in a traditional office or working from home. With a flexible mobile app, you can give them full access to the same communications channels while they're on the go, too.

If business needs change and you suddenly have to spin up a new location halfway across the globe or add several new employees to the roster, it's easy to scale up on short notice and roll out the necessary services. Further, scalable cloud communications let you increase your capacity for a bandwidth surge during peak season, ensuring that your customers can always reach you.

Later on, you can integrate your unified communications and collaboration platform with Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics, automatically creating records for calls and saving notes that make it easier to deliver a higher standard of customer care. Another option is integrating your unified communications solution with Microsoft Teams to give your employees a streamlined calling experience from directly within the communications tools they already use. You can even integrate your unified communications platform with a scalable cloud contact center when the time is right, rethinking your customer experience and revolutionizing the way you communicate both within and without your organization.

Migrate to the Cloud at Your Own Pace

According to the 2022 State of IT Report from Spiceworks Ziff Davis, 50 percent of all cloud workloads are expected to run in the cloud by 2023 — a 10 percent jump from the 2021 projection. Companies know cloud migration is a top priority, but the planning required to pull it off is more extensive than it may seem at first. Rigid legacy systems don't always neatly transition to cloud environments. IT leaders often have to untangle webs of interdependencies among applications to find out which workloads should be migrated to the cloud and in what order. Complicated business processes often need a thorough update during a cloud migration, as well.

Surprises can throw a wrench into a cloud migration project, and competing business priorities can delay it. Flexibility is key to successfully managing all of these moving parts and tamping down the anxiety that they inevitably cause. A cloud-native unified communications and collaboration solution can lend you the flexibility you need, allowing you to migrate to the cloud as quickly or as gradually as you want. With a solution that's managed virtually and requires no office installation, you can begin using the service almost immediately and continue migrating at the pace that's best for you. Smart self-service tools put you in the driver's seat, letting you add capabilities and scale up service when you're ready.

Rely on Expert Advice for a Smooth Cloud Migration

Each cloud migration is different, which means you may not know exactly what to expect the next time you perform one. If you're currently using a legacy, on-premises communications solution, you may be wondering how to move communications to the cloud. If your last cloud migration was a little rocky, you and your colleagues may be anxious about what's around the corner with the next one. In these cases, it's helpful to build flexibility into the process by relying on the expert advice of a veteran solutions provider.

An experienced unified communications provider can advise you on the services you need as your business continues to grow. For example, a business communications provider with global reach and countless cloud migrations under their belt can guide you in setting up your first office in a new country, equipping you with tools like SD-WAN that ensure flawless service across a range of internet connections. If your business is highly mobile, a provider that excels in this area can help you set up the right services to increase productivity and connect with your team and customers from anywhere. Not sure how to choose the right provider? These five questions will help you pick the right one.

Smashing the Anxiety in Cloud Migration

Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to relieving the anxiety associated with cloud migration. A unified communications and collaboration platform can give you the crucial flexibility you need to smoothly migrate to the cloud in your own time. Expert advice can help you identify the right solutions as your business evolves, ensuring that you're prepared for what's next. This way, you can enjoy peace of mind as you navigate the challenges and uncertainty of doing business today.

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