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Prospa Delivers Dynamic Financial Services with Vonage Contact Center

Sydney-based Prospa offers an online platform making it easier for small businesses to apply for loans. Vonage Contact Center with Salesforce integration is supporting its business growth with cloud-based innovation.

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Prospa needed a telephony provider that offered ease of use and seamless integration with Salesforce. Other options used plug-ins that were "too clunky" for Prospa's needs.


Vonage Contact Center


- Salesforce and Vonage integration is simple - Real-time sales and business reporting drives new customer acquisition - Easy system set-up for Vonage Contact Center - Cloud-based innovation.

An Innovative Approach to Finance

Prospa’s innovative approach to finance has seen them quickly grow to become Australia’s leading online business lender, fundamentally changing the way that Australians experience finance. Their impressive 95% overall customer satisfaction rating is testament to their success. Business lending is now more accessible than ever.

The Prospa team has already grown from 12 people to 47, and will swell to 80 by the end of 2015. Since 2013, Vonage Contact Center has provided the technology for three phone sales teams at Prospa: New Customer Acquisitions, Customer Retention and Channel Partners. Each month these teams make about 8,000 outbound calls and receive 2,000 inbound calls, although this will rise significantly. 

The Advantages of Vonage Contact Center

When Beau Bertoli, Founder and joint Prospa CEO and his partner, Greg Moshal, were setting up Prospa in 2012, they wanted to work with suppliers who shared their philosophy of industry disruption. As Beau says, “When we saw what Vonage's tech did, we were very excited by it. It fitted with our philosophy of being pioneers in business. We are disrupting financial services and Vonage is doing the same in contact center technology.”

For Prospa, there are some clear advantages to using Vonage:

Salesforce and Vonage Integration is Simple

After a detailed search, Beau chose because “we needed a CRM system which would enable us to build our technology on top of it, including telephony.” When it came to selecting a telephony provider Beau says “some of Vonage's competitors had plug-ins which were a bit clunky to integrate with Salesforce”. By comparison Vonage works perfectly.

Real-time Sales and Business Reporting Drives New Customer Acquisition

The combination of Salesforce and Vonage allows all telephony activity by the Prospa sales teams to be automatically updated in the customer record. Sales Managers can see how their teams are performing, as Beau confirms: “The suite of reporting is used every minute of every day. The performance of our teams is in your face. That’s really motivating and encouraging for our sales teams.”

Scalability to Grow with Prospa - Today and Tomorrow

The cloud contact center technology from Vonage gives it a huge advantage for Prospa over premises-based equipment. “We needed a platform which would enable us to go from 10,000 to 50,000 to 100,000 calls over the next couple of years without having to flick out the technology.”

Fantastic Support from Vonage

A key differentiator with using Vonage has been the level of support provided to Prospa. Beau explains, “Any tech integration is always going to lead to some issues. So our choice of telephony supplier addressed the question of what service and support exists when things go wrong.” He adds that Prospa have not been disappointed by Vonage. “Their service support has been in line with our expectations. We knew Vonage was a large company and we were confident that they could fix problems”. Beau also says that the Vonage account team working with Prospa have been excellent. “Our Account Manager really cares about our business. He’s been fantastic since we met him.”

Dynamic Call-routing Improves Customer Experience

With the business growing exponentially, Prospa are beginning to use the Vonage Contact Center facility to route calls to the right Account Manager, based on the customer record. This means when prospects and customers call in they can connect with the person who knows the most about their account. 6 Easy system set-up for Vonage Contact Center. Another advantage of Vonage for Prospa was the easy set-up of call numbers, flows and reports. Beau explains, “There was no need for five days of professional services or IT support – it’s really simple to use the system.” Further changes can be made to Vonage Contact Center seamlessly and easily, as needs arise.

Cloud-based Innovation 

Being a cloud-based productVonage Contact Center is always up to date for its customers. Beau particularly rates this as a benefit for Prospa because he says “It means any time Vonage innovates we get the benefit of it.” He says that Prospa is looking to incorporate some of Vonage's innovations around auto-dialing and gamification. Looking forward As Prospa expands, adding a new user is almost as simple as hitting a switch. The easy interface means new members of the Prospa team need minimal training to use Vonage Contact Center and can be talking to new customers in no time. 

“When we saw what Vonage technology did, we were very excited by it. It fitted with our philosophy of being pioneers in business. We are disrupting financial services and Vonage is doing the same in contact center technology.”

Beau Bertoli, Founder and Joint CEO, Prospa


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