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Vonage Helps Volusion Simplify its Contact Center Administration

Vonage helped Volusion move from a hodge-podge of disparate solutions to a single contact center solution for service and sales. Now Volusion has one vendor, streamlined IT, and a solution that offers self-service for greatly simplified contact center administration.

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How to streamline an aging contact center platform based on disparate solutions into one single contact center solution for service and sales


Vonage Contact Center with Salesforce Integration


With Vonage Contact Center, Volusion now has a greatly simplified IT platform with a solution that offers self-service and integration with Salesforce
"Vonage was recommended to us by the Salesforce consultant that we were working with. Having just one company that you can go to for the entirety of your solution makes things way easier and much faster to figure out what's going on and come to an ultimate solution."
James Gillette, Helpdesk Manager, Volusion
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