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Your one-stop shop for the latest and greatest thought leadership, best practices and case studies for healthcare companies battling COVID-19.
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A Perfect Day in Healthcare

Discover how Vonage APIs help patients and providers engage seamlessly through these three interactive scenarios.

Vonage’s API platform lowers the barriers to care with HIPAA-compliant healthcare solutions It is vital that healthcare providers be able to deliver reliable and high-quality services, even when — or especially when — the unexpected happens
Telemedicine in the cloud: revitalising the shape of healthcare Countries around the world are taking extraordinary measures to fight the spread of the novel coronavirus as the number of those affected continues to grow.
Healthcare providers and patients increasingly turning to telemedicine during today’s global health crisis Video APIs allow for custom solutions to deliver compliant, flexible patient care experience in real-time.
How to achieve HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Technology Here's a closer look at why having HIPAA-compliant cloud providers is crucial for any healthcare organisation.
Telemedicine technology: making healthcare more accessible to more people As the coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, telemedicine has emerged as a vital way for doctors to screen patients for COVID-19 in a virtual environment.
For Urgent Care, communication technology is the key to seamless communication With little more than a dedicated space, a computer with a webcam and a cloud-based video conferencing solution, clinics can greatly expand their reach and value proposition with telehealth services of their own.
Easing stress for physical therapists with remote tools For physical therapists and other specialities within the healthcare spectrum, worry and uncertainty are an inextricable — and constant — part of the job, particularly in these challenging times.
Watch: Driving Telehealth Innovation with Communications APIs Telehealth has never been a more vital component of patient-centric medicine. The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) shares how and SimplePractice leveraged secure and scalable telehealth applications to deliver real-time care.

Customer Stories sees significant telehealth growth Vonage customer supported over 600,000 doctor-to-patient video sessions with over 11 million video minutes — in a single day — in March.
Chi Mei Hospital Saves Lives with the Help of Vonage APIs Video and Voice APIs power telehealth solutions for Chi Mei Hospital in Taiwan.
Babylon: revolutionising healthcare in the UK Babylon provides access to healthcare via mobile devices, allowing patients to speak with doctors in real time, any time.
Maven offers women virtual medical appointments With the Vonage Video API, Maven became the first digital clinic for women in the United States.
Resolution MD gives medical practitioners enhanced insights Doctors and specialists securely share and view patient images and reports from any computer or device, while collaborating remotely, using our Video API.


An inside look at the patient and practitioner experience when optimised with programmable communications Discover how Vonage APIs help patients and providers engage seamlessly through these three healthcare scenarios.
Reimagining healthcare: your guide to the world of healthcare reimagined with digital communications. Programmable communications APIs can help you elevate the healthcare experience, reach more patients and improve their level of care.
Digital communications in healthcare: a perfect day An inside look at the patient and practitioner experience when optimised with programmable communications.
Cloud Communications in Healthcare How to improve patient experience, maximise revenue and handle information securely using cloud-based communications like contact centers, unified communications and communications APIs.

Healthcare Communications APIs

Learn more about how our Video, Voice, Verify and Messages APIs can help your healthcare organisation build secure telehealth solutions quickly.
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