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Customer notification and engagement

Alert customers via SMS, MMS or social chat apps and give them an opportunity to engage by replying or calling back. Enjoy the benefits of timely and personalised customer engagement with your audience’s preferred channels.

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Engage your customers

Deliver timely notifications about pending appointments, arrivals and more to keep your customers engaged.

Enable interaction

You can enable a customer to confirm or reschedule an appointment or delivery from within the text message — via SMS, MMS, social chat apps or voice.

Reduce costs

Reduce missed appointments, delivery attempts and support costs with automated notifications.

Improve the customer experience

Enhanced rich-media features can provide an opportunity to create those “wow” moments that strengthen customer relationships.

How customer notification & engagement works

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Your app sends alerts

Your application sends messages via a customised flow to remind customers of upcoming events (such as an appointment or delivery). Messages can be personalised and scheduled for delivery according to your business logic. And with built-in failover, messages can be delivered to another channel in case the initial message doesn't reach the customer.

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Customers can engage with your message

You can ask your customers to confirm receipt of a notification or reschedule an event by replying to the message, clicking on a link or by calling back.

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Response routing

You can route message replies to your application for interpretation and processing. If you want to enable callbacks, you can use a simple IVR application to capture input or route calls.

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Why choose Vonage APIs for customer notification and engagement?

Create a local presence

Vonage APIs have the largest inventory of SMS- and voice-enabled numbers available, so there is no shortage of numbers you can use to create a local presence. You can provision local numbers instantly via the Vonage APIs dashboard or the Management API.

Number pool management

You can manage your local number pools to make sure that each customer receives notifications from a local number that is consistent and recognisable — even if you have many local numbers provisioned.

Low-latency, high-deliverability SMS

Vonage APIs can send text messages to any SMS-capable device faster and more reliably than anyone. Our proprietary adaptive routing and regulation engine mechanisms guarantee optimal delivery to customers in any location.

Track your outreach

You can track delivery of messages and gain insights via the Vonage APIs dashboard or Management API.

Create optimised messaging strategies

You can create messaging strategies which prioritise the customer’s preferred channel and falls back to another channel based on time and message status – i.e. when the message was not read or delivered.

Eliminate erroneous notifications

You can incorporate Vonage's Number Insight API into your customer notification and engagement solution to validate that a destination number is active and capable of receiving an SMS message. This can help you reduce costs by making sure that you don’t try to engage customers using erroneous, out-of-date or out-of-reach numbers.

Convert to voice notifications when necessary

If you incorporate Vonage's Number Insight API into your customer notification and engagement solution and discover that a customer’s number is actually a landline number, your app could use Nexmo’s text-to-speech engine to deliver your notification to the customer as a voice call. Vonage APIs high-quality Text-to-Speech API supports 23 languages.

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