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Private SMS communication

Connect your users via text message, privately — facilitating communication while protecting privacy.
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Grant privacy

Enable communication without compromising privacy. Create a safe space for private number message conversations between your users.

Avoid revenue leaks

Make sure that conversations and transactions between parties stay on your platform.

Gain new insights

Leverage your control of the conversation to perform analysis and generate new insights for your business.

How private SMS numbers works

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1. User “A” starts the conversation

Using a local number provided by your application, a user starts a conversation by text with a second user, without knowing their real number.
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2. User “B” gets the message

The recipient gets the text message from the sender. They see either a local number or your brand as the sender ID. The real number of the sender is not shown.
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3. Conversation ensues

User “A” and User “B” can freely engage in a two-way conversation, to negotiate and transact via SMS, without ever disclosing their real numbers.

Why choose Vonage APIs for private SMS?

Local and friendly

We have the local virtual numbers you need to scale your user base in any location. Set the SMS sender ID to a local number for a trust-inspiring user experience.

Clean numbers on demand

Numbers you provision from Vonage APIs have been tested and quarantined, to make sure that your users won't receive random private number messages in the middle of their conversations.

The shortest latency

We address latency in two ways — our direct connections to carriers mean we can offer zero-hop or one-hop routes to all the regions of the world. And our Adaptive Routing algorithm finds the best routes in real time.

Manageable costs

Use the Vonage Phone Numbers API to provision only the virtual numbers you need dynamically, in sync with demand. No more costly inventory of numbers to maintain. And Vonage APIs inbound SMS messages are always free, adding to the savings.

Detailed data insights

Easily monitor your spend, message volume and performance from the convenience of the Vonage API dashboard or our Management APIs.

[The Vonage] SMS API not only allowed us to instantly scale globally, but it allowed us to deliver business-critical messages at the right time, to the right user, wherever they are in the world." —Markus Emmer, CMO and Co-Founder, Roadmap

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