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Phone number validation

Validate customer phone numbers to guarantee reachability and to distinguish mobile from landlines.
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Real numbers only

By asking your customer to provide a phone number — and then validating the legitimacy of that number — you can minimise fraud while making sure that you have a way to contact that customer in the future.

The right channel

Validating information enables you to distinguish mobile from landline numbers — making sure that you don’t try to send text messages to landlines if contacting via SMS.

Clean database

By validating the numbers in your customer database periodically, you can be sure that customer numbers are still reachable, reducing delivery errors when running SMS or voice-based marketing campaigns.

Optimise communication costs

Discover which carrier network a customer is using to optimise SMS routing when engaging your customer.

How phone number validation works

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1. Identify a phone number to validate

Your app can ask users to enter a phone number during registration or you can identify existing numbers in your customer database.
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2. Query Vonage APIs Number Insight

Your application passes the phone number to Number Insight API for analysis.
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3. Gather insight

Vonage APIs Number Insight queries multiple information sources to validate and gather information about the number.
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4. Act on validated information

Vonage APIs Number Insight returns information on the phone number to your application so you can remove unreachable numbers and identify valid numbers as mobile or landline.

Programmable elements used in this solution

Why choose Vonage APIs for phone number validation?

Eliminate inaccuracies

Vonage APIs Number Insight is a comprehensive service that checks the validity, formatting, type and reachability of each number.

Consolidate number information

Number Insight references multiple sources, including numbering plans, Vonage APIs databases, portability databases and carrier databases – all in real time – to provide accurate, actionable intelligence.

Gain global insights

Number Insight can validate numbers from any location in the world, so you can be sure you have accurate information regardless of where users are using your app.

Integrate insights easily

Number Insight is a simple web API that you can integrate into your infrastructure within minutes. Number information is returned synchronously in the API response. Depending on the information desired, you can select between NI Basic, NI Standard and NI Advanced.

Control costs and avoid waste

You can validate both new and existing phone numbers quickly and cost-effectively, making sure that you can engage your customers via the right number and the right channel.

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