Data storage in Salesforce

Your contact centre data storage should be scalable and secure. So it’s no surprise that the Vonage contact center solution integrates tightly with Salesforce as your primary data silo for contact centre KPIs, metrics, call recording links and speech analytics.
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Illustration of a audio tape recording of a phone call

Call recordings

Learn from every call and continually improve.
  • Conversation Analyzer pairs call recordings with transcripts and metrics
  • Findings help agents better understand conversations
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Assign transcripts and logs to the appropriate Salesforce object.
  • Conversation Analyzer transcribes and logs calls into Salesforce objects
  • Calls can be linked to contacts, cases and custom objects
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KPIs in Salesforce

Enjoy seamless integration with Salesforce.
  • Contact centre metrics housed in Salesforce
  • Easily judge conversations against the latest KPIs

Security and compliance

Keep your data and backup materials secure, no matter where you conduct business.
  • Implement security best practices seamlessly
  • Security extends to global compliance requirements, including GDPR
Consolidating Customer and Contact Centre Data to Create a Single Source of Truth
You have the right data. So why aren't you getting the right results?
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