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Dispatch API

Simplify multi-channel message delivery with one powerful API. Use our Dispatch API to customise your messaging logic. Prioritise sending messages on the channels that your customers find most engaging — and receive immediate insights, so you’ll be constantly in the know about what’s relevant to them.
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Enhance communication with richer messaging delivery

Leverage all the features of social chat apps, including images and video, to provide customers with captivating and engaging messaging formats.

Diversify your delivery strategy and optimise costs

Our API lets you expand quickly beyond SMS to leverage the most cost-effective channel — and it even manages delivery logic, so you don’t have to.

Access immediate insights and adapt accordingly

Know where your customers are — and when to send messages — to focus your efforts with real-time messaging analytics that reveal delivery status, cost, timestamps and more.

Elevate your user experience with multi-channel breadth

Use the channels available in our Messages API, so you gain access to the full spectrum of messaging, from SMS and MMS to Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Viber. See our Messages API
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Alerts and Notifications

Customer notification and engagement

Keep customers in the loop through SMS, MMS and social chat apps — alert and engage customers through convenient texts or calls.
  • Deliver timely notifications
  • Reduce costs by minimising missed appointments, delivery attempts and support fees
  • Wow customers and strengthen relationships with media-rich features

Get delivery assurance, simple setup and valuable insights.


Guarantee message receipt with fallback to another channel if your message is not read or delivered.*

One API call

Set up API calls effortlessly and start taking advantage of SMS, MMS and multiple social messaging channels.

In-depth results

Get easy access to immediate results for the total price and outcome of sent messages.

See how businesses like yours are using Vonage APIs today.

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Stylized illustration of mobile phone with speech bubbles representing different messaging apps.

Vonage Messaging APIs Increase Engagement and Reach, Optimise Costs

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*Dependent on carrier and destination country.

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